Organic Gardening 101: Everything You Need To Know

TIP! Be sure to plant some strawberries for your children and grandchildren. Ever-bearing ones are especially nice.

One of the smartest things you can do for you and your diet is to start an organic garden. However, you will need to put forth an effort in order to make it grow. Are you wondering where to start?

TIP! When gardening, know what is available for you to use. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, try organic and natural fertilizers.

Botanical pesticides that are from your local area can be incredibly effective on pests. Sometimes natural insecticides are more efficient than the synthetic pesticides you can buy. However, because botanical insecticides are biological, they often decay and disappear quickly.

TIP! Try to use at least three inches of some organic material for mulching trees and flowers. Proper mulching will not only help your plants grow correctly, but it also saves a lot of water.

Stagger you vegetable planting so you will have a new harvest every month or so. The reason is, this will prevent your entire harvest from coming in all at once. Furthermore, this method protects you in the event that your first batch doesn’t thrive as expected.

TIP! Water infused with aspirin is great for combating plant disease. One and one half aspirin crushed and added to a two gallon container of water will be a great help for your plants.

Indoor plants need an environment that is between 65 and 75 degrees. They need the temperature to be that warm so that they can grow. If this is a little too warm for your house, grow your organic plants under a heat lamp.

TIP! When you are doing work in your garden, be efficient. Don’t waste time searching for lost tools.

Using a large amount of mulch in your garden will save water. If you have ample mulch, you will not need to water so often. Get mulch at the store or create your own with dead plants or pieces of bark. Whatever type of material you decide on, be sure to add at least a two inch layer for maximum benefits.

TIP! Make sure you place your trees so that they shade your home. Natural shade will cool your home by a few degrees, which decreases the amount of energy consumed by your A/C unit.

Be sure you know how you should buy plants that you want to add in your organic garden. This holds very true when you are buying perennials and annuals. It is important to purchase those with buds that don’t have any blooms. This will enable them to start growing stronger roots in your garden

TIP! Use a beer trap to get rid of unwanted pests, like slugs. To create a beer trap, dig a hole in your garden that is the depth of a glass jar, leaving the mouth of the jar level with the soil.

As this article has shown, to be successful at organic gardening you must do your homework and put forth a bit of effort. It is very true, as well, that to see results, you must stick with it. By using the above tips, you will have a marvelous organic garden in no time

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