These Tips Can Help Your Organic Garden Thrive!

TIP! Consider the climate and season when watering your plants. Knowing how much to water your plants can be a difficult task.

People who start doing organic gardening do so because they don’t like toxic effects of pesticides and fertilizers. There is also the fact that maintaining an organic garden is inexpensive. Below are some great tips to assist you grow to be the organic gardener that you hope to be.

TIP! Protect your plants during cold weather by covering them with a homemade tent. Bean poles are an easy and obvious way to create a frame.

Know how and when you must water the organic garden. One way to ensure this is to use a soaker hose. This could directly water the plant’s base, and that could help reduce moisture lost due to evaporation. The best time to water is in early parts of the morning.

TIP! Create raised beds with stone, brick or untreated wood. If you use wood, be sure that it is untreated and naturally rot resistant.

Organize your gardening so that you can work efficiently. If it takes you thirty minutes to find a needed tool, then you are doing something wrong. In addition to keeping your gardening tools in one location, you should also clean your tools after each use. If you need to use a tool belt, try using some pants with pockets in them.

Have plastic bags on hand so that you may cover your muddy gardening shoes. This lets you be able to return to the garden without interrupting your work.

TIP! The optimal amount of organic mulch to use in your flower beds is 2-3 inches. This is a good way to keep weed growth at bay and add nutrients that you need in your garden.

Know what you’d specifically like to grow within your organic garden. Not all plants thrive well in the same environment. One example of this are roses; some may and some may not thrive in the type of garden you grow and create. You must make sure that any plants you purchase will thrive in the environment in which they are planted.

Add mulch into your garden, you want to use at the very least organic material of three inches. Mulch adds nutrients to soil, maintains moisture and prevents weed growth.

TIP! Companion plants are a great way to garden. When certain plants are planted near one another, they will assist their each other in growing.

Start using these tips right away, and you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a healthy, pollutant free organic garden in no time. You should expect to see more wildlife inhabiting your garden as your garden works more with nature

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